Gucci Marmont Belt Bag Reference Guide

Branded sportswear speaks volumes for workout addicts but it gets all the more fun for people who like to make a fashion statement with everything they carry from head to toe. Handbags are one of the most important accessories and Gucci is always on the grind to get you one of the best the brand has to offer.

Speaking of the bags, Gucci Marmont belt bag has been the new trend recently gaining all the attention since 2017. The bag was presented by Alessandro Michele in the pre-fall 2017 collection. How feasible and fashionable it could be for you? Let’s find out. 

Gucci Marmont Matelassé Leather Belt Bag History

Getting the release back in the fall of 2017 by Alessandro Michele, the bag transcended into 2018 with a very glamorous yet sporty bang. Not holding much of history except for the fact that it was inspired by sportswear and is super comfortable for the people who just like to adjust a pocket filled with essentials around their stance, this bag is a part of the GG Marmont line. Becoming a big part of the collection while having absolutely enthralling qualities in terms of style, comfort and ease it has to offer.

Gucci Marmont Belt bag is made with matelasse chevron leather that has a very peculiar detail in black leather. The hardware is gold-toned keeping high-key classy and chic. The leather belt bag has the Double G that represents the brand at the center front, an archival play on the running G. It has an adjustable belt closure with top zip closure. The little pocket inside that is open gives a little room for extra important stuff. The bag has a suede lining and was made in Italy.

Gucci belt bag is nice to touch

The bag is in a curvy shape, keeping it classic with a long leather belt that has multiple adjustments according to your size that you can get checked at the Gucci store. You can find it at any Gucci outlet stores or online on the official website.

What fits in the Gucci Marmont belt bag? 

With the leather being the actual charm of the bag, it is safe to say that the bag can fit almost all your essentials without making it appear overly loaded. You can put in all your go-to stuff like eyeliner, mascara, some cash, your credit cards, keys, and your phone. Unless you have a phone that is oversized as compared to the actual size of the bag. You can still fit your phone right in but it will only get a little too crowded in there. Since the bag is inspired through sportswear, it encourages the actual reason for being convenient and quick to use, easily accessible right at your waist or your hips. The crossbody is a confident style to opt for so that works just as well too.

What size is Gucci belt bag? How to wear it?

Since this is supposedly a bag you can carry anywhere you want, you can wear it to the gym or to a nice coffee date. Just about any outing, you plan on having, the bag serves as a pretty easy and convenient one to carry around, not too heavy either.

You can have quick access to the bag. The belt on the bag is adjustable makes it even cooler to take anywhere you want. With about 9 adjusting holes according to your body size, the belt comes in multiple sizes too such as 65, 75, 85, 95 and 105, it is 3 centimeters wide. Get the one that is your size or you can get a bigger one for a more chic vibe to pull off with your gym outfit or an all-black outfit, rocking it with the ultimate winter look.

The size of the bag is 7 inches in width, 4.5 inches in height and 2 inches in depth, leaving enough room for whatever your essentials may be. If you like to stuff a lot of things in the bag anywhere you go, make sure you take a rather updated version of the GG Marmont line bags. The belt is 24 inches in waist, 5 feet, and 7 inches in height and 32.7 in hips for a standard person. However, different sizes are available so take all your time in buying the correct one for yourself at the store.

Another interesting thing about this bag is that you can wear it in your jeans belt tags. You can carry it over your shoulder, across your body, on your waist, on your hips and if you can find other cool ways to carry it, you can freestyle is all the way to whatever outfit you plan on carrying it with. If you choose to keep it within your jeans belt tags, it will stay immovable giving you a more sporty and active vibe.

What colors are available for Gucci belt bag?

The bag is available in black chevron leather and gold, hibiscus red chevron and gold, and dusty pink and gold. There are also the ones with embellishments, velvet, and crystals if you want a fancy one, available in black, pink and emerald green too. The fancy ones are exceptional choices if you like to carry flashy fashion items a lot. It becomes quite seasonal since it is tricky to pull such a fancy one during summer or spring. The leather ones will go along with multiple pieces of clothing as well as different occasions and seasons.

The other three colors that come with the velvet and embellishments are available at the store as the fancier ones so you cannot get those online.

Gucci Marmont Belt Bag Price Guide: Prices EU vs the US

Now, the bag costs approximately $1,150 U.S. dollars but with tax it becomes about $1204 U.S. dollars. The bag is expensive yet totally worth the price because it is super convenient and a really cute go-to bag that you can just grab and go.

As compared to the euros; in Europe, the Gucci Marmont belt bag costs about 890 euros which equals to $975. Buying the bag in Europe is going to cost you less as compared to the United States. Though, it is better to buy it from the Gucci store directly. No matter where you buy it from, if you shop for it online, the tax price, along with the delivery or the shipping charges will make it a bit more expensive.

Interestingly enough, a plus point for the British people remains intact when it comes to buying from Gucci. There is a VAT refund policy for European buyers that claim for a 22% refund of the total cost on all items from the store. This makes the euro price even lesser. No matter where in the world do you belong from, if you are buying from Gucci within Europe, you will also get a VAT refund on your sale. The European price for the Gucci Marmont belt bag become about 800 euros after the VAT refund.

Bottom line, you can save about $335 on a Gucci belt bag when buying in Europe.

US priceEU priceTax-Free ReturnFinal EU price
Gucci Marmont belt bag$1,150 + taxEUR 890
About EUR 100 or $110EUR 790

Is Gucci Marmont Leather Belt Bag worth it?

Now, what good does the bag bring to you? Without holding many cons, it is evident to see that it is a sportswear-inspired fanny pack so it does not hold a lot of stuff hence very impractical for people who like to carry a lot. But this is a good bag for people who like to keep their hands free of their essentials and even a handbag. So this fanny pack Gucci belt bag can help. You can carry the bag on your waist or on your hips, maybe across your body for quick access yet keeping your hands free or even worrying about losing anything since the bag literally stays over your body keeping all your essentials safe. 

The bag is totally worth it as you can use it in multiple ways; with or without the belt, as you like. Take it in your hand as a purse or just use it when you are out for a quick morning jog. The bag can fit about your phone, keys, your cards, your cash, your go-to lipstick or even a compact wallet. It was not designed to fit in a lot so if you have more stuff to carry, make sure to opt for a bigger bag that can carry more.

What do you love and hate about Gucci Marmont belt bag?

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