I've been obsessed with YSL Envelope for over a year and as soon as I got this purse, it seemed pretty logical to write a review.

As a bag lover, I'm constantly in need of a new purse. I love structured purses which are great for the office even though I quit my office job two years ago. Guess I still love a combo of a pencil dress and a structured rectangular handbag though.

I'm a Louis Vuitton-obsessed person and I have more than 100 pieces in my collection. However, recently I've been feeling I want to try something different (partly due to LV quality issues).

I have a friend who's been insisting that Saint Laurent's handbags have progressed with a speed of light in terms of quality and design. I trust her opinion as she's another bagaholic just like me. So last year when traveling to Europe I went to YSL store to check out their items and see for myself if.

As I saw a medium Envelope, I fell in love. It was perfection: not too large, not too small, stylish. I was so impressed by Chanel caviar that I started to daydream that YSL caviar will serve me for years just as timeless Chanel caviar in its best vintage releases. This is just what I needed! Except... I already had a Louis Vuitton Metis, a very similar crossbody in terms of size and shape.

So probably I didn't need a medium Envelope but a large one. Torn between YSL Medium and Large, I was obsessed to the point I wanted to purchase both. Fortunately, I had just enough money for neither of them so I left and saved the bag to my wish list.

A year later, later I got in stock a new Saint Laurent Envelope bag

Let me tell you about the newer Envelope first, later we'll compare these 2 side-by-side.


YSL Saint Laurent Envelope Size and Price

Handbag Size US price EU price
Saint Laurent Envelope Small 8.2" x 5.1" x  2.3" $2,050 1,490
Saint Laurent Envelope Medium  9.4" x 6.8" x 2.3" $2,250 1,690
Saint Laurent Envelope Large 12.1" x  8.6" x 2.9" $2,590 1,890
The prices are as of 10/1/2020

Is it expensive? Probably. However, any IT-bag from 2-tier brand (Dior, YSL, Bottega Veneta) or even the most popular brands like Gucci or LV will cost you about $2,000-$2,500.

Here's a question on YSL pricing I've been asking myself a lot: if I had $2,500 to buy a purse, would I purchase a Louis Vuitton or a YSL? Most probably, I'd purchase a Louis Vuitton. With $2,500 budget you do have some choice, it's enough for most of their handbags. My heart was with Louis Vuitton in this case. That's why I'm inclined to think



In the Quality section, we generally examine the item's materials to identify potential issues in the future. Will the purse be as beautiful as it is now after you have been wearing it for over a year?

Remember I told you that I was impressed by YSL quality at the store? Look at this perfection. This purse seems the best

However, if we compare a new YSL to a used one, we can clearly see that surface layer is very thin and can easily be scratched. After it's been damaged, it's impossible to fully repair it.

The hardware will be turning silver after some time but overall that happens to all the hardware I know (except maybe Chanel). I only wish the hardware was matte cause it's a little too bright to dress it down.



Does the purse look like a sack of potatoes or is it worth taking to the White House? Will it be as fashionable for years to come or is it a one-season delight?

This handbag looks like perfection to me. Combine it with a pencil dress or a blazer to get an elegant and professional look.



If you spend several thousand dollars on a handbag you want to enjoy it as much as possible, right? Can you use this purse daily or is it an item for special occasions? Can it fit everything you need?

I wanted the Saint Laurent Large Envelope as I thought it might fit my 13" laptop and papers in the first place. It didn't. I was still ok with that until I took the purse for a business meeting and realized I don't really enjoy opening the structured flap, especially while the purse is new and the material is rigid.

You also have to be careful with the caviar. This beautiful leather that seems pretty thick is not leather but a superficial layer of skin that is very likely to come off once the scratch is deep. Look at this:

Be careful with front hardware as it's very susceptible to scratches.


Investment Potential

Will the item keep its value? Will you be able to sell it later if you get tired of this handbag?

It's pretty hard to find a YSL Envelope on the preloved luxury marketplaces. The prices vary depending on condition but in general, you can get this item in good condition for about $1,700. That outperforms the market in general so the bag keeps its value really good.

As this is quite a new item, we're not sure yet its investment appeal's gonna last. It has all the chances though as its only competitor from Saint Laurent is YSL College.



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