Chanel Coco Handle Bag Reference Guide

Chanel is synonymous with eternity. The coveted 2.55 mark of the brand continues to gain popularity for its classic design and its apparent immortality. I have seen many fashion collectors who own hand-made Chanel bags that are decades old and do not seem to age. Chanel coco handle bag is one of the most popular Chanel model. Let’s have a look at the Chanel coco handle bag reference bag. Read on!

Chanel Coco Handle Bag History:

This bag has been around for years. The bag’s look is inspired by Chanel matelassé bag. When Coco Chanel started designing the classic bag, she focused on functionality. For this reason, the hand-made Chanel bag has a double flap with a zippered pocket inside, intended as a secret place to keep a love letter. Inside the bag there are three bellows pockets, designed to preserve the needs of a lady like lipstick. Chanel has designed the bags for practical use that also looks luxurious. For her, the handmade bags represented the true emblem of luxury and elegance. This bag was redesigned by Karl Lagerfeld.

Chanel Coco Handle Bag

Coco also insisted that the bag had to have a matelassé coating, the diamond-shaped quilted pattern that adds volume to the shape. The garnet-colored lining corresponds to the color of the uniform he wore in the orphanage, while the double C is sewn like a coat of arms. The iconic rectangular clasp is gilded; the famous leather and chain strap had never been seen on a handbag before Coco Chanel added them. The addition of handle makes this bag more practical look. You can carry this bag using shoulder strap, handle and take it as crossbody.

Latest editions of Chanel Coco Handle Bag:

However, this bag has also a lot of versions but the metallic one is really good. It comes in small and standard size. The small size bag is named as small classic flap bag and the standard size is large bag. The price of this bag starts at $3700. It is made with grained Calfskin and gold toned metal hardware.

Bag Style Price
Chanel Coco Handle Bag (Small)  $3,700/€3361
Chanel Coco Handle Small Bag(Calfskin/Lizard) $4,500/€4087
Chanel Coco Handle Bag (Medium) $4,300/ €3906
Chanel Coco Handle Medium Bag (Calfskin/Lizard) $4,800/ €4360
Chanel Coco Handle Bag (Large) $4,500/ €4087
Chanel Large Coco Handle Bag((Calfskin/Lizard)) $5,100/ €4632


All the new Chanel autumn winter 2019-2020 bags are on sale at the brand's boutiques and on the official website of the fashion house, the Chanel online shop . Here you will also find the Chanel accessory lines and the videos of the new shows.

Where to buy this bag cheaper

Are you looking for used Chanel bags ? You can go to the specialist shops that sell vintage Chanel bags, but pay close attention to the details to avoid imitations.

MALLERIES.COM: This is the good site to buy luxury bags like Chanel. The good thing is that all the bags are in the good condition.

VESTIAIRE COLLECTIVE: It is very secure platform where you find the used and vintage Chanel bags. All the sale items are certified.

INSTANTLUXE.IT – On this site, you can find original used models of Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Valentino and more.

PRIVATEGRIFFE.COM – You can find the used Chanel handbags at
very affordable prices. 


It is a one stop location for buying Chanel, Gucci and many more other bags of luxury brands but remember that there are customs charges.

Tradesy – It is authentic site to buy Chanel bags in good condition.

How to recognize fake bags?

Pay attention to the indices of luxury homes 

Aware of the vulnerability of their leather jewelry, the big houses have put in place systems to protect themselves from counterfeiting. Thus one can find on many of them signs that do not deceive: a serial number, firmly stuck on a label at the bottom of the bag, a stamp that indicates the date of production by a coded system. If some labels may be missing without qualifying the piece of counterfeit, on the latest models it is impossible that the sticker can fall. 

Chanel coco handle bag

Track inconsistencies of the counterfeit bag

After the first evidences, it's time for Inspector Gadget who is dormant in you to go out magnifying glass and talents of investigator. The purpose of hunt for clues? Detect small mistakes that have crept into counterfeiting. This may include anachronisms. For example, Hermes bags are precisely dated by a stamp system that unrolls the letters of the alphabet surrounded by a circle or a square. If the stamp announces a date prior to 2004 but the bag has a D-ring that allows hanging a shoulder strap, there is, for example, an inconsistency. Same for Chanel bags zipswhich are signed double C only since the last collections. If the first digits of the serial number (which correspond to a date) turn out to be too old, this is a disturbing anomaly. 

Know how to notice manufacturing defects

It is unlikely that a counterfeit will achieve the perfection of a piece made by expert craftsmen and scrutinized by a demanding quality control. Thus, irregular seams, imprecise markings or drooling lettering are all nasty defects to track down with attention. The same goes for the quality of the materials used to make the bag. You do not have to be very experienced to notice a leather or metal that is too bright, at least at first. 

Stay sensitive to sides

Just because you are not going to buy a luxury bag in its natural environment in the shop does not mean that you are not entitled to complete ceremonial. It is even he who can reassure you about the authenticity of the bag. A bill, a card of authenticity (at Chanel), but also a dust bag (case), a box,  the more the panoply is complete, the more you are sure to be in the right. To your checklists! 

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