Top 10 Gucci most iconic IT bags every woman should have in her closet

Gucci handbags are the pride of "made in Italy" and are among the most desired and bought all over the world. Celebrity and big stars don't give up having their own Gucci Bag. Let's see the most iconic models of the brand together! If you are looking for the perfect "Gucci IT bags", you are in the right place.

Some are elegant, others classic in re-edit version; however they are real It-bags, the right purchase to invest in! Beautiful and desired, they are classics or absolute novelties: here are Top 10 Gucci most iconic IT bags for which to lose your head now.

Are you ready to discover them all? We present them to you one by one:

1. Gucci Sylvie Bag:

It is a classic model that has nylon web embedded with leather. It comes in seven colors to from. It is designed by Alessandro Michele and the beautiful design and decoration of this sylive bag reflect the great fashion sense of the designer. 

Gucci most iconic IT bags

Price of Gucci Sylvie Bag: $2790

2-GUCCI Zumi Bag

The combination of two of the most historic designs from the fashion house, the new Gucci line, Zumi: the GG and the clamp. The later then refers to a rare piece taken from the Gucci archives and was chosen by Alessandro Michele to give character and style to the classic top-handle model.

GUCCI Zumi Bag

GUCCI Zumi Bag Price: $1,980-$3,200


The Jackie O bag owes its name to the wife of President Kennedy, Jacqueline Onassis. It was undoubtedly her favorite Gucci bag, so much so that she was renamed in 1950 to pay tribute to the First Lady.

Jacqueline Onassis was considered one of the most charming women of that era. She was a real fashion "guru", and in fact she was not surprised when the First Lady fell in love with the Gucci bag, making it a successful accessory. Even today, this bag is a favorite of Hollywood stars.


Jackie O is not simply a bag but a true "institution". It is a timeless classic, with rounded edges and a snap closure: it is the perfect accessory for a working woman who needs comfort and practicality but does not want to give up class and glam.

A leather hobo bag to be worn on the shoulder named after Jacqueline Kennedy. In the photos on the tabloids that immortalized her together with Aristotle Onassis, after the death of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the icon of Gucci was never missing on her shoulder. 

JACKIE O Gucci It Bag: $2,990

4-Bamboo Bag by Gucci

It's a mix of classicism and innovation: the Bamboo Bag is to be considered as the first "exotic" bag in history. It first appeared in 1954 when the bag signed by Gucci made its debut at the cinema, on the arm of Ingrid Bergman, in the movie "Viaggio in Italia" by Rossellini.

Bamboo Bag by Gucci

But the Bamboo Bag achieved its success thanks to Liz Taylor, the protagonist of the famous film "The Cat on the Burning Roof", which was immortalized on the set in 1959, wearing the wonderful bag.

The use of bamboo to make the handle of the bag was a brilliant idea, which made the Gucci bag one of the most sought-after models. It became the most exotic accessory that could be found on the market.

The bamboo bag is a brilliant idea, which made the Gucci bag one of the most sought-after models. It became the most exotic accessory that could be found on the market.

In the 1960s, this iconic Gucci bag was the most loved by Hollywood celebrities. To make it particularly appreciated, it was the unusual use of bamboo wood for the handle: a touch of exoticism that allowed Gucci's bamboo bag to leave an indelible mark on the history of fashion.

Gucci Bamboo bag Price: $1,350


Alessandro Michele, creative director of Gucci, has taken up the heritage of the founder Guccio Gucci to give a new spirit to the Florentine brand. The maison's renewal was evident, and around Gucci hype was created that shows no sign of abating. Accomplice to this is the rediscovery of an intellectual fashion linked to aesthetic and philosophical ideals: a fashion with a profound meaning.


The symbol of this new route is the Dyonisus, a bag that reflects the lively spirit of the Greek god Dionysus. It is an elegant and majestic accessory, but at the same time, it has the necessary practicality to lend itself to fun and carefree moments.

GUCCI DYONIUSUS Bag Price: $3,900-$ 5,800

6- Monogram by Gucci

One of the most recognizable monograms of fashion is certainly that of Gucci. And so the cult of the brand has moved to the bags, like the Monogram of the same name, a small postman with the famous G printed, the clamp that recalls the saddlery origins and the two-tone shoulder strap, true symbols of the Florentine fashion house.

Monogram by Gucci

Monogram Gucci bag: $1,479


Very modern and loved even by the younger girls; the GG Marmont is one of the most iconic bags by Gucci. Its matelassé texture is very beautiful and gives the bag a precious and refined air.

It is interesting to note that, with the change of the new creative director in 2016, from Frida Giannini to Alessandro Michele, there was also an innovation in the double G.

The unique texture and the new double g make the GG Marmont a great bag!

Gucci, GG Marmont. Price: $2166


This Gucci bag was designed in the 1990s by Tom Ford, then creative director, who launched the brand after a few difficult years. The current creative director has decided to pay tribute to the great designer by dedicating to him an entire area of ​​the Gucci Museum in Florence, where you can admire all his incredible creations.

His most successful idea was undoubtedly the Dionysus bag which is still today among the most beloved of all. The model designed by Tom Ford had chain handles and had green crocodile inserts with dragon head closure. It is certainly one of the most popular bags of the stars, a model to wear on the shoulder with chain handles.

After the model with the dragon heads, today, the bag has a buckle with tiger heads. There is no outfit with which this bag is not well and is still today among the most sold of the Gucci brand.

Gucci, Dionysus Bag by Tom Ford Price: $1600


The Soho Disco Bag is perfect for all the girls who love fun and dance. The shape of this bag is practically perfect for evening outings. It is small but capacious, capable of "swallowing" everything a woman needs to have with her when she goes out.

It made its first appearance in 2012, and still today, it is re-proposed for each collection in new colors. It has a clean design and a comfortable shoulder strap is made of leather and has precious seams that make it a jewel.


It has a boxy format, but it is as we said very capacious. It can be said that it is a very refined and chic model but it is also perfect with the simplest outfits.

Gucci Soho Disco Bag Price: $1,190

Girls, if like us you have a passion and these bags have made you mad then don't get lost. Share your thoughts with us in the comment box!

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