5 Tips on How to Shop Safely Under Coronavirus

More and more countries impose lockdowns each day due to a dramatic spread of the COVID-19. Our usual activities are different now.

Here are the new rules how you can stay safe and keep others safe just in case while doing offline shopping under coronavirus.

Shop alone keeping the 2-meter distance

Keep the distance - stay safe from COVID-19

If you really - and we mean REALLY - have to get out and shop, always keep the distance whether you're on streets or in the shop. Keeping the distance means that even if you come across a person who has coronavirus, the threat of getting infected is down to the minimum. Coronavirus is transmitted via air when an infected person around you coughs or sneezes, that's why keeping the distance also means staying safe.

Wear masks and gloves

Everyone is already keen on keeping their masks on but almost no one wears gloves. The virus is transmitted not only via human but also via surfaces. There are a number of surfaces you touch when you're outdoors (doors, products on shelves and other surfaces you have to touch when you're out). The COVID-19 remains viable on the surfaces for up to 72 hours. That's why if you have any kind of gloves at home, it's good if you wear them when shopping or dealing with ATMs. Shop safely under coronavirus!

Take advantage of delivery services whenever possible

The less you are out, the less is the chance of getting infected or infect someone and pass on the coronavirus. We've all seen what happened in Italy, with their health services overwhelmed with the number of patients and the number of deaths. Staying home will make sure we don't follow the Italian scenario and the infection will be stopped sooner than later.

Follow this advice and you'll get through the pandemic safe and sound, together with everyone you love.

Stay home, stay safe.

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