Gucci handbag price guide

Here are all the existing models and lines of Gucci bags for those on their first bag or for those who want to add another to their collection! Here we are then ready to do some tidying up and help you choose the new bag of your dreams.


The design of the GG Marmont line is inspired by a particular Gucci buckle used in the modernized 1970s. Each bag in this line has the GG motif as the main ornament, a renewed (golden) logo and always new shapes and colors. All thanks to Alessandro Michele who decided to revisit the logo, reviving Gucci's neglected G motif of the 70s-80s and reworking it for a modern audience.

Marco Bizzarri, President and CEO of Gucci speaking at the New York Times International luxury conference explained how Michele was able to give new life to the retro monogram, making it "an ode to joy" and declaring how, in a sense, it was surprising that the new (and very modern) direction of Gucci is guided by an emblem of the past.

Gucci hand bag price guide

There is a particular softness in the design of the Gucci GG Marmont bags that makes it comfortable to carry around all day, every day. The design of the GG Marmont combines functionality with femininity in a very wide variety of colors and materials: all of them include a shoulder strap in the brass chain and leather whose colors change from time to time to fit perfectly with the new model. The GG Marmont Matelassé rectangular shoulder bag in pink leather (Barbie) has undoubtedly been one of the most beloved so far: super feminine, reminiscent of the radiant orchid color that went out of fashion a few years ago. Adorable!

GG Marmont Matelassé in pink leather

Another special detail is the heart embroidered on the back of the bags, a wonderful hidden detail that makes the bag even more special and personal. Others, instead, have the GG embroidery in the back. The interiors vary: beige microfibre for the leather and silk peony models for the velvet versions, both have an internal pocket. There are at least 7 models of the Gucci GG Marmont bags, different types of shoulder bags and mini bags, the pouch, backpack, handbag, belt accessories and even the wrist purse ("only" € 350 for this). For autumn winter 2017-18, the Gucci GG Marmont bags were dressed in velvet and writing.

Gucci hand bag price guide


Gucci Dionysus is the most recent it-bag signed by the fashion house and certainly one of the most sold in the entire history of Gucci. A model introduced for the first time in the fall/winter 2015-2016 that today can cost from 1250 euros for the mini version up to 4980 for the limited edition versions. There are two closures, the double G and the famous "tiger head". To carry on the arm, even with a shoulder strap. It comes with two sizes: mini and regular, both on the shoulder, with chain shoulder strap, or by hand, with bamboo handle. The full versions of patches and sequins might seem excessive, but this rebellion against the minimalism of the past fascinates me a lot and nothing seems to ever hit me. There is also something for every taste, which makes it a truly versatile model; you can choose a "simple" Dionysus in logoed canvas, one made entirely in suede, rather than one of the special editions like those that pay homage to the city most dynamic in the world.

Gucci hand bag price guide

The flagship stores of Rome, New York, London, Paris, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Dubai this year offer, in fact, special decorations differentiated for each city. In London (and only in London) you will find the bag decorated with a snake and roses, while in Dubai you will see dragonflies and starfish. Some wear a Dionysus over a classic business suit and those who, instead, wear it to make a casual and informal look luxurious and special. In short, believe me, it's really ALWAYS fine.


Alessandro Michele is always looking for talents and artists to collaborate with:  Coco Capitàn, a young and ironic Spanish artist is not the first call to reinterpret the Gucci world We had seen on the catwalk of the Fall-Winter 2017-2018 two looks that bore his signature, as well as the invitation to the show and the t-shirt worn by Alessandro Michele during the final thanks. It seems that from there was born a broader collaboration that today includes clothing and accessories used as a canvas on which to write messages with his (to say the least messy) calligraphy.

You could buy a “scrawled” baby carrier at the modest sum of 980 euros or a backpack/bag at 1490 euros. 

Gucci hand bag price guide


The Sylvie collection presents the Gucci handbags large size defined by the characteristic Web detail with stripes and gold trim launched in the Autumn-Winter 2017. When you see, therefore, the famous Gucci stripes (come back these are also very fashionable) you will know this is the line they called Sylvie. Beautiful the Padlock shoulder bag with glittered stars or the Broadway mini bag in white leather, bee embedded and bejeweled, studs that look like pearls and removable chain shoulder strap and blue, red and white Sylvie Web motif.

Gucci hand bag price guide


Already in 2015, Gucci bags are starting to transform and be dyed with prints and shades. That was the year of brick tones and all its shades that merged with lunar flowers, still, present and re-proposed in the online shop.

Still, beautiful GG Bloom's reversible shopping bag in the same color variations (among other things with one of the most "economic" prices) proposed for the first time in 2015. The characteristic GG blooms print on one side and plain leather on the other, this large size shopping bag is made with the innovative reversible leather, patented exclusively for Gucci. Beautiful, soft and really comfortable!

It is one of the most popular models that fuse an elegant and sophisticated style with the recognizable identity of the brand. The Gucci Signature leather bag comes in shades of pink, designed for day wear and made of very resistant leather.


Beyond the lines, if you are undecided about shapes, sizes, and models, know that you will have a wide choice. Let's start with handbags. You can choose between:

· The leather handbags and bamboo handle: one has conquered my heart, the Ottilia. Arranged and numbered as they would appear in a book of natural sciences, butterflies and colored beetles are printed on the flap of this white leather Ottilia bag. It is inspired by the idea of ​​a fantastic Garden of the Alchemist - an anti-modern laboratory populated by animals of all species. With two compartments and many internal pockets, this model with double flap is equipped with a detachable chain strap thanks and is designed to be worn in multiple ways. 

  • Bamboo classic handbags with printed frame.
  • Broche bag with fox detail closure, new Gucci code from the Spring Summer collection. The jewel chain strap is embellished with the helm and lobsters embroidered with French wire.
  • The Lilith has a ribbon tied to the bamboo handle or the Nymphaea, classic and linear.
  • The GG Supreme top boxes with double handles and evergreen adjustable shoulder strap, or padlocks in leather, definitely for work.
Gucci Bags LinesPrice in Euro & USD
GG MARMONT(LARGE)€ 2,458/ $ 2,700
GUCCI DIONYSUS€ 2,085-€3,824/ $2,290-$4,200
COCO CAPITÁN € 1,174/ $1,290
SYLVIE(SMALL) € 2540/ $2,790
€2,276/ $2,500

Definitely expensive, we remind you that Gucci is one of the few fashion houses of this caliber (in spite of Louis Vuitton or Chanel) to make balances in the dedicated seasons. 


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