The Ultimate Dior Lady Dior Bag Reference Guide

Dior Lady Dior Bag Reference Guide: Disentangling yourself between the models and the various versions of Dior bags may not be easy: here is a brief guide for beginners to learn how to recognize them.

Inseparable companions of many Hollywood stars, Dior bags are precious and valuable it-bags, not always within everyone's reach given the exorbitant prices of some. Made to be desired, even before you love them, Dior bags are synonymous with luxury and high craftsmanship.

Some models have now become real icons, declined from season to season and in different collections, in various versions, different in size, materials, and workmanship

Dior bags

So let's try to get some clarity with this brief guide for beginners, useful for those who, having fasting on must-have trends, decide to buy one of the Dior bags.

History of Lady Dior or Lady D bag:

In 1995, the French first lady, Bernardette Chirac, asked the house of Dior for a grant to give to Princess Diana, on the occasion of her visit to Paris. The fashion house, at the time under the guidance of Gianfranco Ferré, proposed a bag not yet made public, called at the time Chouchou. Conceived in 1994, this bag was born from the desire to give life to something that was strongly iconic and that represented in every way the identity of the Dior fashion house, which was recognizable.

Here is how Chouchou takes shape: a break with the fashion of the time. To be carried by hand, small, bold, elegant, unconventional. When the bag was presented to Lady Diana, her reaction was obvious: the princess literally fell in love with the Dior bag.

Dior bags lady dior

On each occasion, it was possible to see Lady D in the company of her inseparable bag, and that's how she became an icon and her success was inevitable. Here the Chouchou, two years after its creation, was renamed Lady Dior! Once the Lady Dior was launched, it went like hotcakes.

But not only Lady Diana was the face of this bag, but other women have also represented her: Monica Bellucci, Carla Bruni, the wonderful Marion Cotillard, muse since 2008. This bag is now one of the spearheads of the Dior Maison: there is no woman who has not wanted it at least once; an icon of style and elegance, the Lady fascinates anyone.

With its square shape, small in size, to carry by hand, its lines are simple and combine in perfect harmony. Its identity is built on emblematic aspects of the Maison. One of these is certainly the Cannage stitching, typical of Dior, formed by a network of oblique and perpendicular seams, which form padded leather pads. Its bow-shaped handle gives elegance and femininity to the bag, to be worn by hand.

The charms that adorn the Lady are to all effects the jewels: they are in fact covered with a thin layer of gold. Hanging from one of the handles, the letters DIOR hang rattling. Lady Dior is produced in three sizes: small, medium and large. Black leather is her traditional dress, but designers who have followed Maison's leadership have always shown so much imagination in the choice of fabrics and patterns to reproduce it.

Lady Dior Bags: Born from the desire to create a bag with a strong identity, immediately recognizable, it was created in 1994 in the Dior workshops. Elegant handbag immediately marks a daring break with the trends of the time. His codename was "Chouchou", until, two years later, he was renamed Lady Dior in homage to Princess Diana, who fell in love with this unique accessory during a visit to Paris. Since the launch in the outlets, the success of the Lady Dior is immediate. Today Lady Dior is represented by Marion Cotillard, her muse since 2008, and she has never ceased to fascinate women since her creation, becoming the reference bag of the Dior Maison. It exists in three sizes (small, normal and large), with Dior charms in gold or silver, of various colors and has been declined in some precious materials such as the alligator, the crocodile, the python, the lizard, in calfskin and Ayers and galuchat. The Lady Dior has built its identity around some emblematic codes of the Maison, such as cannage stitching, a characteristic motif of Dior, formed by a network of oblique and perpendicular stitching, or the bow-shaped handle, symbol of a feminine gesture and elegant. The bag can be carried by hand or on the shoulder, as it includes a shoulder strap. It also features iconic Dior charms. It is available in different materials, lamb leather in the Cannage model, Dior fabric print, pony-effect calfskin and lizard and alligator exterior, convenient and resistant tote leather with a simple but enough.


The clutch closes the final touch for a couture look. To carry by hand or under the arm, the evening bags and clutch bags give each look the final touch of refinement and femininity. Declined in the most diverse styles and colors to adapt to all situations, they are a guarantee of elegance on every occasion. The shoulder strap with a black chain with a silk print is also available in many colors, more often with a quilted surface, but also in calfskin leather.

Dior cluch

Dior Lady Art

From 2017 under the guidance of Chiuri, every year the artistic project Dior Lady Art is launched, which has seen and sees the participation of many world-famous artists who have had to interpret the Lady according to their vision.

dior art

For 2019, the third edition of the project, Maria Grazia Chiuri wanted to be attended by a team of women only: eleven artists from all over the world who have revisited the Lady according to their point of view and according to their concept of art, using different materials, including ropes, chains, gold, lenses, rock and stones. A collection to be discovered!

Bags Lady Dior Price

Bag Size Price
Large Lady Dior bag $4,600
Micro Lady Dior bag $2,950
Medium Lady Dior bag $4,100
Mini Lady Dior Bag $3,100

Where do you buy Dior bags?

  1. Online The advantages of online shops are given by the immediate availability of lady Dior bags; they can be received directly at home by courier (sometimes without shipping costs). Online you can also consult the technical sheets that show the details and read the opinions of users who have tried it.
  • Shop In-store instead you can ' try the product with your hand. It is possible to buy Dior bags in the exclusive boutiques of the brand, present in the cities of Milan, Rome, Venice, Portofino, Capri, Florence, as well as in the exclusive La Rinascente corners and also on the official Dior website, in the section dedicated to leather goods. On the site, you can find all the detailed information on each model and also the prices of the Dior catalog. However, we would like to remind you that many of the proposed Dior bag models are sold exclusively at the brand's boutiques

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