Gucci Dionysus bag reference guide- Everything you need to know about Gucci’s most loved handbag

Gucci Dionysus is one of the most popular Gucci bags for fashion bloggers and stars around the world. It is a trendy model, to be worn especially on the shoulder thanks to the chain shoulder strap, which can be left long or doubled.

The Gucci Dionysus line introduced with the fall / winter 2015-2016 collection, still boasts numerous variations of the model, in materials, colors and shapes that are also very bright and original.

The Dionysus is now considered one of the most famous IT bags and costs around 1,100 to 4,000 euros, depending on the model chosen. In this Gucci Dionysus bag reference guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about this most loved Gucci bag.

Gucci Dionysus bag

Many models are proposed, a real dream for bag addicts, who can even customize their bag according to their personal tastes with details and decorations thanks to the Do It Yourself service.

Four types of leather and different shades of color, combined with the various versions of the shoulder strap for the hand-held models, inserts in crocodile, python and countless embroideries that recall animals and plants give life to a cool and particular it bag (but perhaps not always chic ).

But whether it's the canvas model with the classic logo (the most loved by fashion bloggers) or the Dionysus in arabesque fabric or even with the eccentric and colorful patches, it's certainly not a bag that goes unnoticed.

From the most classic and elegant combinations to the more casual, informal and street style combinations, Dionysus always manages to make its mark.

The closure with a double tiger head motif in honor of the Greek god Dionysus who, according to mythology, turned into a tiger to transport a young nymph across the river which then took the name of Tigris. Gucci Dionysus bag comes in different styles like Dionysus shoulder bag, Dionysus top handle, and Dionysus Leather bag. Gucci’s Dionysus bag shoulder bag comes in three sizes i.e. medium, small and mini.

Gucci Dionysus Supreme CG Canvas Bag

Gucci Dionysus bag
Style Price
Gucci Medium Dionysus Supreme CG Canvas Shoulder Bag $2490/ €2282.23/ £2027.30
Gucci Small Dionysus Supreme CG canvas Shoulder Bag $2,290/ €1,690 / £1,510 /
Gucci Mini Dionysus Supreme CG canvas Shoulder Bag $1,690/ €1,290 / £1,160

Gucci Dionysus Leather Bag:

Gucci Dionysus Leather Bag
Style Price
Gucci Medium Dionysus leather Shoulder Bag N/A
Gucci Small Dionysus Leather Shoulder Bag $2,650/ €1,980 / £1,790
Gucci Mini Dionysus Leather Shoulder Bag $1,980/ €1,590 / £1,420

Gucci Dionysus Velvet Handbag:

Gucci Dionysus Velvet Handbag
Style Price
Gucci Medium Dionysus velvet Shoulder Bag $2,500/€ 2,240 / £ 2,850
Gucci Small Dionysus velvet Shoulder Bag $2,490/ €1,890 / £1,690
Gucci Mini Dionysus velvet  Shoulder Bag N/A

Gucci Dionysus Top-Handle Bags:

Gucci Dionysus Top-Handle Bags
Style Price
Gucci Dionysus Top Handle Bag Medium $3,500/ €3205/ £1,975
Gucci Dionysus Top Handle Bag Small N/A
Gucci Dionysus Top Handle Bag Mini N/A

Gucci Dionysus review

The model that most of the ladies own is the small size Dionysus GG (in reality it is not the smallest model, indeed, it is the second in size) in monogrammed canvas with dove gray suede details, chosen for reasons of capacity (there must be the 'indispensable and in smaller models does not fit), weight (acceptable) and length of the chain (in the larger model we find the length of the chain short and not very supportive).

Positive Aspects:

  • It is a structured bag that is very resistant to shocks and stress
  • Medium is rather large, precisely because it is rigid and structured
  • It is a unique bag of its kind: the flawless design, the chain and the closure make it a decidedly iconic piece
  • The weight is absolutely acceptable for a structured bag, at least in models ranging from WOC to medium
  • In the more classic variants the color, the classic greige, Dove gray of the Gucci canvas, can be combined practically with everything and always chic both on neutral colors and on many colors.
  • It's a little dirty bag
  • It has a practical zippered inside pocket
  • Even if it is not an advantage of the bag itself, we would add the excellent service offered by Gucci: they assist you and treat you with extreme kindness and courtesy, almost with cordiality, and offer you a drink while you wait for "your" Dionysus it is artfully packaged, upon request also provided with its original box.

The icing on the cake, even if you are not a regular Gucci customer (when you buy the Dionysus only), you will receive a splendid Gucci illustrated volume with lots of Gucci stickers, a very welcome gift that obviously didn't leave anyone indifferent your fashion soul ;). Isn’t that cool?

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Negative Aspects:

  • The version entirely in suede, which you find beautiful, is very delicate and ruined after a few uses
  • The medium version is very heavy even if filled only with the essentials
  • You may find it ugly the "messy" and full of colored "patacche" versions; the only one you would save is the arabesque, red and black, which came out a few seasons ago. But we admit that you do not like the "pyrotechnic" style of Alessandro Michele, we much preferred Gucci "old school" and more oriented to a European clientele.
  • The length of the chain is the only real flaw in this otherwise beautiful bag. In the large model, the chain is in fact very short compared to the bust of a person of even medium height, while in the medium model the length is instead just sufficient (because the bag is smaller), while it is more comfortable and wearable in the smaller models, which, however, are not sufficiently spacious for daytime use. In short, you would personally adapt these details a bit, which would make Dionysus truly perfect.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, the Dionysus bag by Gucci is the perfect choice for those who want a beautifully designed handbag for their daily use. Moreover, this bag gives a classic look due to its silver-toned tiger head closure and monogram canvas print. We’d your feedback, share your thoughts with us in the comment box!

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