How to clean and restore your Gucci leather bags-An ultimate guide

For every woman taking care of their leather bag is a mission, but often spots and marks of all kinds make life difficult. If this bag is a Gucci bag then you want to clean this luxury stuff immediately. 

Stains on leather garments are very difficult to remove but, considering that it is a very delicate material, it cannot be treated in the same way as synthetic materials. We have to be very careful to use chemical products to wash this type of Bags because the risk of damaging them or even breaking them is very high. But then how to clean the Gucci bag? In this article, we have collected a lot of methods on how to clean a Gucci leather bag differentiating them by type of material and type of stain. Here you will find all kinds of advice! Read on!

How to clean a dark leather Gucci bag

If the bag you have stained is dark leather, the dirt removal method is easier and faster than other types of leather. It only takes a few minutes to get your new bag back as before. Take note!

  1. Fill a container with water and put it to heat, as soon as it starts to boil, remove the pan from the heat;
  2. Place the stain of the leather bag exactly over the spot where the water is boiling, so that the steam can soften the stain. Leave it in this position for a few minutes and then let it dry in the open air, away from the weather. It will take just a few moments and you will be able to see how the stain has left your beloved bag.
how to clean the Gucci bag

How to clean a dark Gucci leather bag: use steam

If the stain is very resistant, such as with ink or make-up stains, we advise you to take your bag to a specialized dry cleaner; the store staff will surely know what to do and will use suitable products to remove the stain preserving the shine of the bag without damaging the original material.

How to clean a light leather Gucci bag

If, on the other hand, you have a light-colored leather Gucci bag then you need to keep the following tips in mind to remove stains. Obviously, these are always more visible so you have to pay much more attention when you have a Gucci bag of these light colors. But do not worry about the following tips your bag will look like new!

  1. This advice will surprise you: use the egg white! Separate it from the yolk and beat it to the point where it becomes like snow, a bit like if you were making cookies 
  2. Then wipe a clean cloth with the beaten egg white and lightly rub it over the stain. We recommend passing it over the whole bag to avoid slightly different shades.
  3. When all the skin is covered with beaten egg white, let your bag dry in the open air.
  4. Once you have noticed that the liquid stain, rub it gently with a woolen cloth. This is because wool is the most suitable fabric to remove all the liquid and leave your bag with the necessary shine without causing damage.

How to clean a white Gucci leather bag

Is your precious white Gucci leather bag stained but you don't know how to get out of this situation? White is a wonderful and unique color that goes with everything but unfortunately, it can be a serious problem to clean it from any stain, since they are immediately stained. That is why we continue our Mega-Guide talking about how to clean a white Gucci leather bag. Follow these simple tips and your total-white accessory will recover its original appearance!

How to clean Gucci Bags

What do you need?

• A dry cloth;

• A towel;

• Bleach;

• Wet wipes without alcohol;

• Makeup remover;

• A pair of single-use latex gloves.


  1. First step: Empty the bag and close all the external hinges because it is a bleach-based solution, which we will use to clean the stain, does not filter inside or in the pockets of the bag.

2. Place the bag on a towel to protect the environment in which you are going to work and wear a pair of latex gloves to proceed and mix 1/3 bleach with 2/3 hot water.

3. Dip the cloth in this solution and slide it with light pressure on the stain. Continue in this way until the stain is completely removed. This type of whitening solution is very suitable for cleaning untreated leather bags, in different cases, the best solution is to use a liquid soap mixed with hot water.

4. To finish this process of cleaning your white Gucci bag, take a cloth to dry the entire wet surface well.

  • After drying, use an ad-hoc spray to restore its shine and original appearance to the entire bag.
  • If with this method your bag is still dirty, another good alternative is to clean with soaked wipes (without alcohol!) or even using a makeup remover.

A little tip:

• Before using any product on your bag, first, test it on a small and not very visible area to avoid any inconvenience and irreparable damage!

3. Regular cleaning to keep it new

If your Gucci bag needs urgent cleaning then watch out for these tips on how to clean your bag, trust me it will give a brand new look!

What do you need for cleaning?

• Hot water;

• A clean cloth;

• Detergent with a neutral PH,

• Alcohol

Here are some recommendations to keep your bag in perfect condition:

• Protect your bag from direct exposure to the sun or high heat sources.

• Prevents contact with damp spaces and environments.

• Be careful with hair products such as hairspray, hair moisturizing masque, and other products. It is best to use a dry cloth and wipe it along the entire surface. If some stains resist then wet the cloth in warm water and pass it over the area to be treated. Don't forget to dry the bag well.

We recommend once again that, after the cleaning process, the bag must be left to dry well to avoid the risk of suffering from humidity.

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Important notes:

• Never use the following products: wet wipes, make-up removers, acetone, white vinegar and chemicals not specific to the case in question;

• Never let the bag dry in direct contact with the Sun's rays.

But above all, take care of your luxury bag every day, with a little care there will be no need for any cleaning process that could affect the original look that made you fall in love with your bag. Remember: prevention is always better than cure!


We have seen in this guide some methods to get rid of various types of stains and how to fight the wear of our beloved Gucci leather bags. Do you know any other cleaning methods for this material? Do you have any suggestions?

If you have tried one of our methods and found it to be effective, let us know in the comments box!

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