Most Durable Chanel Leather? (It's not Caviar!)

It's a common assumption that Chanel caviar bags are the most durable ones. Out of all the Chanel materials, caviar is believed to be the most carefree, not prone to scratches or any other damage.

Is it true that if you want a bag that can be passed on to your grandchildren, you need a caviar Chanel Classic Flap? Is caviar really the most durable Chanel leather?

Difference between Chanel Lambskin, Caviar and Calfskin

Chanel caviar

Chanel caviar is a textured leather made from pebbled calfskin with grains. Caviar tends to hold its puffiness a little better than lambskin and it's also very strong and can be carried for years to come.

Chanel lambskin

Lambskin scratches, dents, and wrinkles fairly easily but with proper care, your Lambskin leather bag can be carried for years to come.

Chanel calfskin is cowhide leather treaded in different ways. Crinkled calfskin is a durable leather not susceptible to scratches and other damage.

What's the most durable Chanel leather? Let's look at each one by one and find out which one is better.

How Durable is Chanel Lambskin?

If you're into Chanel lambskin, one thing you need to know is lambskin is very delicate. Lambskin purse is not something you will wear daily, it's been crafted to be seen on occasions. Once you take the lambskin purse out, it may get some scratches or leather fading in just several nights out. First signs of wear are likely to be on the bottom corners of the flap.

However, Chanel used different types of lambskin over the years. Vintage lambskin holds its shape better and more durable. Chanel collectors and bloggers say that the older is the bag, the better is the quality. Thus, if you have choice, pick up a vintage Chanel Classic Flap.

Whatever handbag you choose, be careful with the nails and also your outfit. Make sure there are no sequins or any other decor next to your armpit where the handbag is.

How durable is Chanel Caviar

Caviar is a very durable leather, however, bear in mind that there are different types of caviar. If it comes to a Classic Flap, it can be stiff, soft or durable.

How do you know which caviar type was used on a handbag? Look at edges of the flap. If it has stitching, then the bag is durable caviar. If it doesn't, then it's soft caviar.

How Durable is Chanel Calfskin

Chanel calfskin is produced from cowhide, the leather has small grain and is quite smooth. There are also many types of calfskin used for Chanel bags. Most of Chanel 2.55 (Reissue) bags are made of crinkled calfskin.

Most people prefer a Classic Flap over a 2.55, however, if you just give a shot to a 2.55 bag, you'll discover that crinkled calfskin is much more durable.

If you want a bag that's durable and also want to save, go look for a preloved 2.55 in crinkled calfskin. It costs less than a Classic Flap and is even more durable than caviar, especially soft caviar.


I had Chanel handbags in all types of leather and calfskin is my all-time favorite. It's not afraid of scratches, rain or snow and it's incredibly stylish.

The choice is up to you!

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