Louis Vuitton NeoNoe Bag Reference Guide

NeoNoe was only released in 2017 and it's one of the most popular Louis Vuitton bags at the moment. Seems like everyone is crazy for this purse. Let's see if it's worth it.

Sofia Vergara wearing Louis Vuitton NeoNoe bag
Sofia Vergara wearing Louis Vuitton NeoNoe bag
Alessandra Ambrosio with Louis Vuitton NeoNoe Monogram
Alessandra Ambrosio with Louis Vuitton NeoNoe Monogram

Louis Vuitton Noe Bag History

The original Louis Vuitton Noe bag was born in 1932 as a custom project. A champagne manufacturer asked Gaston-Louis Vuitton, the famous trunk maker's grandson, to design a bag that could hold 5 bottles of champagne.

Vuitton created a simple bucket bag and called it Noe in honor of biblical character Noah who planted grape vines on the mountain of Ararat after the flood. Apparently he was the first winemaker.

The Noe holds 4 bottles upright and 1 upside-down. It was only released in the Monogram Canvas. You can still find a lot of vintage Noe bags on ebay and other luxury vintage shops.

Louis Vuitton Noe is the second oldest Louis Vuitton bag, it was released after the Speedy and before the Alma. You can still see it on the streets as it's an extremely comfortable shoulder bag

Julianna Moore wearing Louis Vuitton Noe bag

In 2013 the fashion house released a smaller version of the Noe, the Noe BB. Apart from the size, the main difference was a longer strap that allowed you to carry it as a crossbody bag. The new addition to the Noe family was released in Monogram, Damier Azur and five shades of Epi leather.

Louis Vuitton Noe BB Campaign

After the Noe BB, Louis Vuitton introduced a Petit Noe which is smaller than the Noe and larger than the Noe BB.

Louis Vuitton Monogram NeoNoe release

New interpretation of the Monogram Noe, the NeoNoe

The Louis Vuitton NeoNoe bag we know nowadays was introduced in 2017 in monogram canvas and became a sensation right after the release. In comparison with the original version, the shape became more sleek and nice, vachetta was replaced by colorful leather, the inside got a nice pop of color too.

My favorite part was getting rid of vachetta. I really love the trend of moving away from untreated leather to colors probably cause I love colors and I have bags that I have to baby. I don't like the vintage look of vachetta, for me it looks dirty. So I definitely prefer bags without any vachetta elements.

The strap is adjustable and you can either wear this bag as a shoulder bag or as a crossbody.

The new version of Noe also got an inside divider with a nice zipper pocket. I loved it cause it lets me organize my stuff inside without an organizer.

Two years after the initial NeoNoe release, in 2019, Louis Vuitton released several NeoNoe versions in Epi Leather.

Louis Vuitton NeoNoe Limited Editions

In several years, Louis Vuitton NeoNeo has been released in a variety of canvases and colors. Some limited editions include (but are not limited to):

  • NeoNoe Love Lock Epi
  • NeoNoe Azur Trunks
  • NeoNoe Jungle
  • NeoNoe Love Lock Monogram
  • NeoNoe Master's Collection Monet

How much is NeoNoe LV bag? (Last updated Oct 2019)

Here are the actual prices for the NeoNoe bag in USD and EUR. The prices differ a lot, see it for yourself.

Louis Vuitton Neonoe Monogram$1,590EUR 1,140
Louis Vuitton NeoNoe Epi$2,2201,590
Louis Vuitton NeoNoe Monogram
(braided handle)
Louis Vuitton Neonoe Epi
(braided handle)
Louis Vuitton NeoNoe Love Lock Monogram$2,290-
Louis Vuitton NeoNoe Love Lock Epi $2,780-
Louis Vuitton NeoNoe BB $1,940 1,390

As you see it's far less cheaper to buy an LV NeoNoe in Europe. Louis Vuitton NeoNoe price in US is $1,590. LV NeoNoe price in Europe is 1,140 EUR which equals $1,259. If you're planning a trip to Europe, consider taking some extra cash to purchase the bag of your dream.

Don't forget that if you're not an EU citizen, you will also get a 10%-13% VAT refund. The total price will be decreased by this amount. For example, a Monogram NeoNoe will cost you about $1,259 in the boutique, then you get a refund about 130$-140$ depending on a country you're buying from. The total price will be about $1,120 so you're saving about $500 from the original price and you're also saving on tax. It's about 33% saving from the US price. Not bad!

Louis Vuitton NeoNoe Bag in Canvas
Prices: $1590 USD, €1140 EUR, £1060 GBP, $13200 HKD, $2090 AUD, ¥187920 JPY, ¥12300 CNY, $1960 CAD

Louis Vuitton NeoNoe Bag in Epi
Prices: $2220 USD, €1590 EUR, £1480 GBP, $18400 HKD, $2910 AUD, ¥261360 JPY, ¥17100 CNY, $2710 CAD

Is Louis Vuitton Neonoe worth it?

At first, spending about $1,500 on a bag may seem a lot. However, let's take into account the following factors:


Considering the cheapest Louis Vuitton bag (Speedy) will cost you about $1,000, the price is really low. NeoNoe is very affordable. Probably that's the reason it's so popular.

  • Staying power

It's always difficult to say how long will this bag stay available but considering it's one of the most popular designs and new interpretations are released every season, it seems that it won't go anywhere any time soon.

  • Design

This is a classic design and it's very comfortable. It'll look the same after many years. I'd recommend buying a monogram version with black trim as it's the most popular.

  • Demand & Ability to Resell

This is a bag that's easy to resell. Considering that in general the item loses about 30-50% of its price on the preloved market, you'll be able to resell a NeoNoe for $1,100-$1,200 or sometimes even higher. It's always nice to know that you can easily sell a bag if you're not in love with it anymore.

  • Known defects

As far as I know, there are no known defects in the NeoNoe line. This is a high-quality item and you won't have to bring it back to the boutique for a replacement.

All in all, I'd say NeoNoe is definitely worth it and I can recommend it wholeheartedly.

It would be a great first Louis Vuitton item.

Louis Vuitton NeoNoe or Neverfull?

To make the right choice, you have to consider several factors:

  • How big are the items you're carrying daily in your purse?

If you tend to have a lot of stuff with you, choose the Neverfull as it's 2-3 times roomer than a NeoNoe.

  • Do you prefer a recognizable or a more unique bag?

The world is full of Neverfulls. It's a very recognizable bag. NeoNoe is popular but yet unique. What's more important for you?

  • Do you want versatility?

Neverfull is a shoulder bag and no other options are included. With NeoNoe you can wear it both as a shoulder bag and as a crossbody.

Your Opinion?

I'd love to hear from you!

What do you think about NeoNoe? Do you have this bag? Are you happy with it?


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