Top 10 Most Expensive Designer Purse Brands and Their Jaw-Dropping Prices

According to the unspoken etiquette, you can save on clothes but never on accessories. Accessories elevate your personal style, taste and preferences. A purse isn't just a functional necessity but often the missing piece in a style. It's difficult to imagine a modern fashionista or Instablogger without a statement handbag. Moreover, a woman’s closet must include at least a few designer handbags of different colors, styles and purposes.

Large and small, fancy and conservative, designer and classic - definitely every designer item is beautiful, unique… and expensive! We at wondered how much designer purses are and have prepared a list of the 10 most expensive purse brands in the world. Here we go.

  1. Hermès

top 10 most expensive purse brands in the world - hermes birkin

Not every fashionista can afford a Hermès bag, even if she’s been saving all her life.

If you’re wondering why Hermès is so expensive, read our article about the brand.

This French luxury design house was established in 1837 by Thierry Hermès. In the production of high-quality handbags of the brand only natural and durable materials are used. But,of course, we pay not only for the materials or the brandname, we pay for quality. Hermès bags are so expensive, also because of the complex process of their creation. Models "Birkin" are only handmade and it takes at least 48 hours to sew one bag. Plus, the most important highlight of this brand is its rarity. Many models are made in an individual design that preserves the common features of the brand. Not every woman can buy such a very expensive bag from a limited edition or made by private order, and, therefore, the chance that at some point two identical Birkin bags will meet is close to zero.

Many women who are ready to purchase the desired Hermès bag regard it as a profitable investment and not just a fashion accessory.

Inspired by such fashion icons like Grace Kelly and Jane Birkin, Hermès bags, undoubtedly, are the most coveted and exclusive handbags in the world today, the gold standard in the world of fashion.

The average price of Hermès styles ranges from $12,000 to $18,000, although if you’re not craving for a Birkin/Kelly/Constance, then you might find some options at the $6,000 price tag.


  1. Chanel

top 10 most expensive purse brands in the world - chanel


Chanel should definitely be on the list of the most expensive and best designer handbags! This brand constantly accompanies celebrities to the Oscars, movie premieres and all red-carpet events.

Coco Chanel launched her brand in 1909 and it continues to be one of the top 10 luxury brands in the world.

The average cost of a Chanel bag is $6,000-9,000.





  1. Louis Vuitton

top 10 most expensive purse brands in the world - louis vuittonObviously, Louis Vuitton cannot be missing from the list. This French fashion house has been a symbol of prestige and elegance for more than two centuries. This premium brand always accompanies luxury lovers.

From the almost $2,000 waterproof Raindrop Besace bag to the $26,000 New Age Traveler, a backpack with lots of phone cables, the brand has always satisfied everyone's taste.

The average price for a bag -  $ 1,500, the price for a dream - priceless!


  1. Gucci

top 10 most expensive purse brands in the world - gucci

Every woman dreams of having an exquisite handbag from the house of Gucci in her wardrobe. The accessories of this brand have a unique charm that is impossible to resist.

All models of Gucci purses are made from natural and durable materials. Over time, your favorite little thing won't lose its original beauty and won't get scuffs or scratches.

Original bag from the collection of the famous brand Gucci is about $1,500 with bright Italian temper included.

By the way, vintage Gucci bags are often cheaper than new models. So, if you are on a budget, then this is a good option. However, buying vintage you need to be extremely careful as there are many fakes on the market.

Gucci Jackie One Shoulder Bag GG Pattern


  1. Saint Laurent

top 10 most expensive purse brands in the world - ysl

This is one of the most recognizable brands known for its timeless products, synonymous with luxury. Most notorious fashion designer Saint Laurent, who founded his fashion house in 1961 as a house of haute couture, always had a special vision of the world, which allowed him to create fantastic things, the relevance of which has not faded even after many years.

He loved experimenting with styles and colors, and it was rather successful. The star of this brand is unlikely to ever go out in the sky of the high fashion world as fine products are produced not only in the spirit of classical elegance but also in fresh and youthful directions.

The price for love at first sight the latest collection bag starts from $ 2-2,500.


  1. Fendi

top 10 most expensive purse brands in the world - fendi

When it comes to Italian luxury handbags, Fendi is sure to be on the list. The Fendi company managed to achieve great popularity thanks to new design solutions. The fashion house was founded in 1925 by Adele Casagrande and her husband Eduardo Fendi. Nowadays it's best known for its "baguette" and "B". Among the latest collections special attention is paid to the Peekaboo model, a bag that should definitely become a classic in world fashion.

Fendi stayed a family-controlled business until 1999, when LVMH purchased 51% shares of the company.

Today Fendi handbags are available in white lambskin, black crocodile and many other styles.

The average cost of a bag is about $3,500. The team wonders if you can sell your soul to the devil in exchange for a Fendi handbag?


  1. Marc Jacobs

top 10 most expensive purse brands in the world - marc jacobs

After successful work for Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs decided to develop his own brand, which was founded in 1993. Although the brand itself is quite young, we can certainly say that every Marc Jacobs women's bag is a standard of style and quality. It became famous thanks to its exclusive creation - Carolyn Crocodile worth $50,000.

Today Marc Jacobs is one of the best fashion designers in the world with over 200 retail stores in 80 countries.

The average price of a bag is $1,000.


  1. Prada

top 10 most expensive purse brands in the world - prada

Prada isn't a new name when it comes to premium brands. The Italian fashion house was founded in 1913 by Mario Prada and his brother Martino as a leather goods shop. At present the brand's bags are considered the most elite fashion accessory.

Models of bags from Prada are made in burning Italian traditions. They combine nobility and minimalism. Each item is considered the standard of impeccability and indicates the solid status of the owner. The success of the models is due to the fact that Prada isn't subject to fashionable moods: it dictates them itself.

If we are talking about exotic Prado collections, then bags for wealthy ladies can cost about $4,000 as they have a more interesting shape, finishing and texture of the material. While the average price of a classic bag is about $2,000.

By the way, during the sales period, you can buy a bag cheaper by about 15 - 20% of its value. So it would be not that expensive for such a trendy aristocrat.


  1. Dolce & Gabbana

top 10 most expensive purse brands in the world - dolce gabbana

Recognized trendsetters, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, founded their own brand in 1985. In a relatively short history, Dolce & Gabbana has become one of the largest and most influential players in the global fashion arena, demonstrating the latest models of clothing, shoes and accessories every season.

Among the women's collection of bags, the Miss Sicily model stands out, which has already become a classic. Designers don't skimp on bright design solutions, using a wide range of shades, as well as animalistic and floral prints.

For bright colours, new sensations and only positive emotions that you'll have after the purchase of the Dolce & Gabbana women's bag, you will have to pay, on average, $1,500.

In fact, unique products from Dolce & Gabbana can be found in a number of outlets that offer products at very attractive prices.


  1. Valentino

top 10 most expensive purse brands in the world - valentino

Valentino is a popular name in the clothing industry that has made its statement in the world of handbags as well. The fashion house of Valentino was founded in 1960 by Valentino Garavani in Rome, Italy. The debut of Valentino on the international stage took place in 1962 in Florence, the fashion capital of that time. Today the mere presence of the brand label makes everyone eager to get their hands on their bags as soon as possible.

Bags come in both neutral and neon colors. One of the most popular 'must have' bags from Valentino is "My Rockstud Tote", which is made of durable and strong calfskin leather and costs about $3,300.

To get a recognizable <V> emblem in your collection of bags, you'll have to donate to the cashier about $3,000.



After reading our review of the 10 most expensive purse brands in the world, you might be a little surprised by some of the prices. That's a joke, you must be shocked!

But, seriously, we can come to the following conclusions:


Each brand has very expensive bags but most likely it's an exotic, special order or limited edition.

Accordingly, the price of such bags will vary.

If this is an iconic bag like Louis Vuitton 'Speedy', Chanel '2.55' or Fendi 'Baguette' that is widely recognized and well-established, then you'll have to pay a decent amount of money for it. But at first you need to find it, because such bags, as a rule, are simply not available.

While iconic bags may come and go, the classic bag will remain relevant for years to come. And that kind of bag like the timeless Gucci 1955 Horsebit Shoulder Bag or Louis Vuitton's beautiful Locky BB bag is quite affordable.

Limited edition bags are the rarest and the most expensive ones. For such examples as the white crocodile Hermès Himalaya Birkin or Chanel’s ‘Diamond Forever’ you'll have to win the lottery or to be lucky to get your uncle's inheritance.


All other luxury brands have approximately the same price tag

Apart from such fashion titans like Fendi, Chanel and Hermès, all luxury handbag brands have approximately the same price tag, and some even pamper their customers with pleasant discounts.

So, in general, to buy a classic bag from one of the most expensive purse designer brands you need to save about $2,000. But if you want to get a dream bag at a better price, and at the same time help the planet, then you can think about buying a pre-owned bag. After all, sometimes you really want to pamper yourself, then why not do it with benefit?

P.S. Some luxury brands of handbags become so rare over the years that they not only don't fall in price, but, on the contrary, only rise.  And, as we know, items with enduring relevance are the best fashion investment. So, there is definitely something to think about.

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