Top Dior Pink Handbags of All Time

 Dior Pink handbags: Become a must for every trip, women are not limited to a specific model but have a dozen or a hundred bags in their wardrobe. Each year, brands try to respond to new demands through their collection. Indeed, every season to his purse. Over the years, we no longer list the number of creation of the handbag to allow the women of the world to have the bag they need.

Best Dior Pink Handbags


the Diorissimo, a recently introduced model, cannot fail to be absolutely stunned by the excellent quality of the leather used, the chromatic contrasting interior and the peculiar accuracy of the maison's own manufacture. Produced in two sizes, I would recommend it to all lovers of exclusive products with a minimal touch. 

dior pink handbags

Prices starting from € 2.800,00

 Miss Dior:

Equally recent is the Miss Dior, a shoulder bag that I consider particularly elegant and chic. Proposed by the house in a single measure; the denomination is well matched to what I consider to be the target of the users. As you can easily see, it incorporates the "Cannage" characteristic of the much more iconic Lady Dior model, which I will talk about shortly.

Dior pink hangbags

 Price € 2,300.00 

 Dior New Look:

The Dior New Lock takes its inspiration from Miss Dior, slightly changing its shapes. In detail what differentiates it are the three internal compartments, the less rigid structure and the leather shoulder strap in the central part. I recommend it to those who, in addition to elegance, focus on capacity and practicality. 

Price € 2,300.00

Dior Panarea:

Very large and practical is the Dior Panarea, classic shopping model in shiny canvas with leather handles. To be recommended to everyone: from the university student to the freelancer. Not to be overlooked, as its name indicates, the possibility of using it, in the most suitable colors, as a splendid beach bag.

 Price € 830.00 

 Dior Granville:

a shoulder bag and a handbag. The name takes inspiration from the city that had the privilege of being the birthplace of Christian Dior. Also characterized by the "Cannage", although not identical to those previously seen, it is an elegant and at the same time extremely versatile bag, which lends itself to accompany the "owner" at all times of the day. 

Price € 2,200.00

 More "easy" is the Granville Cilindro version, by hand or with a practical shoulder strap, suitable for a more youthful and sporty "look" audience. Price € 2,200.00 

Dior Soft:

For all those who love the Lady Dior but do not appreciate the small capacity, the fashion house has thought of Dior Soft. This is the "link" between the Lady Dior and the Dior Panarea , as it perfectly combines the elegance of one with the capacity and versatility of the other. 

Price € 1,900.00 

Dior Milly:

The "trapezoidal" Dior Milly: it is certainly the most suitable for those who don't want to go unnoticed. She overturns all the canons seen above, proposing the "Cannage" in combination with an absolutely innovative form for a bag that is well suited to use on the shoulder and by hand. The creative director also wanted to cancel the age-old dispute between elegance and versatility, proposing it in two models that differ primarily in size but certainly not due to allure.

Price: € 2,150.00 

Lady Dior:

The " Lady Dior " is one of the most recent iconic bags on the market, unlike the classic 2.55 by Chanel for example, born in 1955 although later revised and corrected by the creative director of Lagerfeld, this bag was instead produced only starting since 1995 , when Bernardette Chirac, then first lady of France, decided to order a special bag to pay homage to Lady Diana Spencer, wife of Charles of England, during a visit to Paris on the occasion of an exhibition at the Grand Palais dedicated to Cezanne. The gift, highly appreciated by Lady D, was the beginning of a series of orders of Lady Dior bag that the Princess of Wales commissioned directly to the French maison.


 The classic " Cannage " motif" of the bag (with crossed diamonds), was created by Dior inspired by a chair present in his atelier; the rigidity of the shape was lightened by the classic charm in the front part of the handle in which are arranged all the letters composing the surname Dior. Little known until 2005, the maison Dior has focused a lot on this accessory especially after 2009, "the annus horribilis" for the worldwide economy, which has seen the growth of turnover in accessories and the further decline in their collections of prèt'à porter of the most important fashion houses.

 With the "Gossip Girl" series, the "Sex & the City" film and the appearance of this precious bag in the hands of the most important international stars, the Lady Dior has unquestionably entered the list of the 10 most desired bags in the world. The bag was also the protagonist of a short film shot in London and much appreciated at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival. 

 The protagonists of the advertising campaigns for this iconic accessory star of the caliber of Monica Bellucci and Marion Cotillard. 

 A thousand versions of "Lady Dior" have followed one another over the years, and an exhibition was dedicated to the latter in 2012 entitled "Lady Dior as seen by" ,. An art competition was simultaneously launched for the students of the Brera Academy, also called to rewrite the history of this uncommon bag. 

 Indeed, the tradition of one of the most famous fashion houses in the world for haute couture cannot be resolved in the simplicity of an accessory, however important and precious, but I believe that wearing a " Lady Dior " today should not mean anyway having appropriated a status symbol consisting of one's own arm, should instead be seen as a small but important piece of the history of fashion, to be handed down with style for generations.

We hope our guide will be useful and we will soon be back with other hand bags collection, as requested by one of my regular readers. 

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