Is it Safe to Buy Louis Vuitton From Japan on Ebay?

is it safe to buy used lv from japan

Louis Vuitton is one of the most popular luxury brands. No wonder, a lot of us girls dream about adding a luxurious Louis Vuitton item to our collection.

A lot of preowned luxury websites like Fashionphile, Yoogi's Closet offer a selection of used items as great prices. Meanwhile, there's one place where you can find a lot of preowned luxury handbags at less than $500. It's ebay.

Ebay has a lot of Japanese sellers who offer a wide selection of used Louis Vuitton handbags. Are they legit? Can you trust them?

How to Avoid Scams when buying a Luxury Item on Ebay

Ebay is an enormously large international marketplace. As always, 95% of people are honest and straighforward but there are 5% of jerks who spoil the good stuff. Our goal is to protect you from as many kind of scams as we can.

Step 1: Find your item

Do you already know which model you want or are you open to options?

Check the condition and seller's comments for each item you're considering. Look through all the pictures carefully. If you're unsure, ask the seller,

If the item looks good on pictures, read the item's description carefully as it may contain other important information that can't be photographed (like, for instance, odor).

Check that the listing has photos of the item's details, including hardware, heat stamp and date code. If they're not there, ask your seller to include them in the listing. In this way, you are protected from getting another item that looks more or less the same.

Step 2: Authenticate your item

Find an authentication company and send them the item's link. You will typically receive a response in 24 hours.

We recommend LV Bagaholic authentication as we've been using this service many times and happy with the result.

Step 3: Wait until you receive the item

Remember that the number of flights across the world was dramatically decreased during COVID19. It hasn't yet been restored to normal so your package may be delayed. Please be prepared to wait and understand it's not the seller's fault.

Step 4. When you get the box, videotape opening the package

One type of scams you should avoid on ebay is when a seller can send replace a bag in your package and send you something else (a book, old stuff, literally anything).

Japanese sellers never do that and that's not something you should expect. However, if you want to be fully protected, videotape opening the box. That will protect you from this kind of scam just in case.

Step 5. Make sure you received the handbag you ordered

After you received the handbag, check it's serial/ date code to make sure it's the same handbag that you ordered. Pay attention to the details. It's great if you examine the handbag for defects to be sure there are no issues that were not described.

Step 6. Enjoy your handbag! Or...

If something goes wrong, you always have ebay Buyer Protection. You file a claim that the item is not as described and you'll get your money back. You'll have to ship the item back in some cases.

If everything's great, congrats on your new item!

Is It Safe To Buy Used Luxury such as Louis Vuitton from Japanese sellers?

In short, yes. Japan has very strict rules when it comes to selling replicas / fakes. In order to be a legit reseller, you need to get a special license. If you ever sell a replica, you'll lose this license and will be fined for a huge amount.

However, even having that in mind, please authenticate an item prior to buying. We've seen fakes from Japanese sellers too. Most probably they missed quality control unintentionally and the seller was not aware the item's not real. At the same time, it doesn't make life easier for us, buyers. We can still choose to purchase from a Japanese seller and get a fake.

Thus, please don't forget to authenticate every item you're buying even if it's from a trusted seller you've purchased from.

Why Are There So Many Louis Vuitton Handbags from Japan?

First of all, Japan is a huge market for luxury brands, Louis Vuitton in particular. Most sales are from Asia. Remember there were so many Japanese artists that Louis Vuitton collaborated with (Takashi Murakami, Yaoi Kusama etc). Thus, there are a lot of used handbags on this market which are hard to sell within the country.

There's also another reason for a wide selection of Louis Vuitton items from Japan. Normally Japanese apartments are very small and their closets are even smaller. It's all about practicality. Thus, if a girl doesn't use something that takes some space away from her closet, she just sells it.

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