Hermes So Kelly 22 Bag Review

lvbagaholic hermes so kelly bag review

Years of production: 2006-2018

Sizes: 22, 26

Hermes So Kelly Design

You know one thing I don't like about Hermes bags? Their plaques. Not the plaques themselves but the way you need to deal with them once you want to take something out of your bag. Considering you need to be cautious, opening your Hermes Kelly, Birkin, Jypsiere or Lindy takes about a minute.

Hermes So Kelly is different. It has a hobo opening so taking your smartphone out of your bag takes a second. It's also beautiful. I understand that a Birkin or a Kelly would be much more recognizable but So Kelly is more casual and you can take it to the office or to a party and you'll look fabulous either way.

I actually love the fact that few people know that it's Hermes. I was always the person who feels uncomfortable taking an expensive bag out to a friends encounter (I know I have to deal with this feeling someday but to the present day I couldn't fight it). With this purse I feel awesome cause almost none of them know how expensive this bag is.

hermes so kelly 22 bag

Hermes So Kelly Functionality

Hermes So Kelly 22 is close to the size of an A4 paper.

If you're comfortable with hobo bags, you'll love So Kelly. The bag sits flat against your body and all your belongings are safely stored inside. I'd really wish it had some kind of a divider though.

The base of So Kelly 22 is the same size as Louis Vuitton Alma BB while the height is two times more. It's a sleek hobo that can hold many of your belongings including a water bottle or two bottles of champagne - the choice is yours.

If you expand the plaques, So Kelly will fit documents which is always nice for a hobo.


It's Hermes. Needless to say, you can expect the same premium quality and construction as with every other Hermes bag. The leather, the sews, the edge sealer seem perfect.

However, I did notice that the bag squeaks. This may sound strange but if you own Hermes Togo leather bags you know what I mean. It just sucks to pay $3,000-$5,000 and get a bag that squeaks like crazy. It will only squeak until it's new so you have to wait until the leather breaks in. What I said is valid for Togo leather only, I haven't noticed such noise with my bags in Clemence leather, at least it's not that loud.


Hermes So Kelly is available in a variety of colors. There are two sizes available, 22 and 26.


As Hermes So Kelly has been discontinued in 2016, you can only buy this bag preloved. I wouldn't recommend purchasing it straight from the boutique as obviously it doesn't retain its value as Birkin or Kelly do. However, on preloved luxury marketplaces you can find it at as low as $3,000-$3,500 in great condition which means you get a good deal for an almost brand new purse.


If luxury bags are your small vice but you don't like being like everyone else, get this comfortable shoulder bag. However, remember that as it's not as popular as Birkin or Kelly, it will be hard to resell later on.

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